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We are one of the most efficient roofing contractors in Dallas–Fort Worth. We help our property owners through the process of the roof inspection, filing a claim and reroofing their properties. DFW Roof Repair is a leading Dallas–Fort Worth Metroplex roofing company that provides excellent quality roofing. By ensuring the highest quality material and workmanship in the industry, we guarantee the durability of your roof. We offer you a free no-obligation estimate and roof inspection. Our experienced roofing professionals make sure that your roof is taken care of.

Why Us

Get Your Claim Approved We offer an unmatched positive experience that’s focus is on educating and empowering you the home or business owner. The first step will be a free hail damage inspection. We will conduct a thorough 21 point inspection on your property. From this inspection, we will inform you what kind of damage your property has sustained and how much the repairs are going to cost your insurance company not you. We have helped several business and homeowners process claims to re-roof their homes or business. We are one of the most qualified roofing contractors in Dallas–Fort Worth. We help our customers through the process of inspecting their roof, filing a claim and re-roofing their property. Several property owners think their roof is in good condition because it "looks fine" and is not "leaking." However, it is best to prevent the serious problems that will occur as a result of hailstorm and wind storms in Dallas–Fort Worth. By being proactive and taking care of the problems caused, you can save on the increased expenses to come and have peace of mind, not worrying about an impending, costly situation. We prevent you from going through this hardship. Most home and business owners don't realize that the insurance adjuster who is sent by their insurance provider to handle your hailstorm claim has an incentive to protect the interests of the Insurance company and in most cases, those interests are not in your favor. That is why we offer you a no obligation free roof inspection.


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